Entry #1


2014-01-08 18:28:51 by LoonyFred

I`m soooooo excited about discovering this site. I feel like I could explore the content for ages here. Not sure how it all works here, but it's nice that I've got plenty of time for exploration :)

Ok, now I`ll be back to this piece of watercolor art I`ve been procrastinating over for ages :)

4909617_138922372613_3f6cb958fec0.jpg Thanks to all who subscribed to my page already!



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2014-01-08 18:43:42

Hello there!

I may as well mention this first...that artwork is mesmerising: quite mystical and colourfully appealing, I really dig the blend of watercolours. Very pretty.

Secondly, your Art collection is superb. For the time you've been here, you've been an active contributor and I hope that your artistic pursuit on Newgrounds will be a prosperous one.

The above is just a long way of me saying 'Hello'. :D


LoonyFred responds:

Thank you for your warm welcome! :)))))